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Orc Hulkster, CR 12

Orc Hulkster, CR 12 Medium Orc, Loot Value 20,000, Unaligned CR 12 8,400 xp

  • Armor class 20 (Barbarian)
  • Hit points 173 (15d12+75)
  • Speed 30ft.
  • STR20 (+5)
  • DEX17 (+3)
  • CON20 (+5)
  • INT7 (-2)
  • WIS9 (-1)
  • CHA9 (-1)

Save Throws:STR +9, CON +9, DEX +12

Skills:Athletics + 9, Acrobatics + 7, Intimidation + 9,

Damage Resistances:Non Magical Piercing, Bludgeoning and Piercing

Senses:Psv Per 9, Bluff DC 8, Bribe DC 16, 100,000 gp, Carry 300lbs., Push 600lbs.


Challenge:CR 12 (8,400 xp)


Berserker. The orc adds it's proficiency to damage, and has resistance to Non-Magical Damage.

Aggressive. As a Bonus Action, the Orc can move up to its speed towards an enemy it can see or hear.

Reckless Attacks. The Orc can make all of its attacks with advantage until the start of its next turn. Until then, all attacks against the orc are also made with advantage.

Weapon Master The Orc can add +8 to it's damage if it takes a -4 penalty to the the attack roll.


3x Battleaxe Multiattack.

Battleaxe:Melee Attack: +9 to hit.
Hit: 18 (2d8+9) slashing damage.

Javelin. (Recharge on 5-6) +11 to hit, Range 50 ft.
Hit: 48 (6d12 + 9) piercing damage.

Fearful Gaze. As a reaction, the Orc can frighten the last target that dealt it damage it if they fail a DC 17 WIS Save.