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Ring of the Brute

Weight: 0lb.

Bludgeon Brawl: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls made unarmed strikes.

Siege Strike (3/day): When making an attack against an inanimate object gain a +5 bonus to your attack roll and deal an additional 1d10 Bludgeoning damage.

Item Uncommon

Ring of the Deceiver

Weight: 0lb.

Disciple of Deceit: You gain a +2 bonus to Deception Skill Checks.

Item Uncommon

Ring of the Arcanist

Weight: 0lb.

Elite Spellbinder: You can use the Ring of the Arcanist as a spellcasting focus.

Blazing Volley (3/day):When making a ranged spell attack with a cantrip that targets a single creature you can choose to target any number of creatures in a 10ft. range of that creature instead.

Item Uncommon

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