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  • casting time Action (B.A. CotM)
  • range Self

  • components -
  • duration See below

(Two uses, regained in short or long rest.) You magically assume the shape of a beast that you have seen before for a number of hours equal to half your druid level (rounded down). You can revert earlier by using a bonus action. You automatically revert if you fall unconscious, drop to 0 hit points, or die.

Your game statistics are replaced by the statistics of the beast, but you retain your personality, and Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. You also retain all of your skill and saving throw proficiencies, in addition to gaining those of the creature.

When you revert to your normal form, you return to the number of hit points you had before you transformed. However, if you revert as a result of dropping to 0 hit points, any excess damage carries over to your normal form.

You can’t cast spells, and your ability to speak or take any action that requires hands is limited to the capabilities of your beast form.

Druid Feature

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