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Eldritch Cannon

  • casting time Action
  • range 5 feet

  • components S, M
  • duration 1 hour

woodcarver's tools or smith's tools

Small (standing) / Tiny (can be held). Once per long rest or with a 1st-level spell slot or higher. Only one can exist at a time. AC 18 and HP = 5 × your artificer level. Immune to poison and psychic damage, all conditions. All ability scores = 10 (+0). Mending cantrip restores 2d6 HP. Disappears on 0 HP or when dismissed as an action. Upon creation, determine appearance, type (below) and if it has legs. BA to activate if within 60 ft. + move up to 15 ft. if has legs.

- **Flamethrower:** Exhales fire in a 15-ft. cone - targets make a Dex save against your spell save DC, taking 2d8 fire damage on a fail, or half on a success. Ignites flammable objects not worn/carried.
- **Force Ballista:** Make a ranged spell attack at one creature/object within 120 ft., dealing 2d8 force damage and pushing the target 5 ft. if it’s a creature.
- **Protector:** Emits positive energy, granting itself and chosen creatures within 10 ft. temporary HP equal to 1d8 + your Int mod (min +1).

Artificer (Artillerist) Magical object

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