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Himbo Haggins

Himbo Haggins Human, Lawful Good 0 xp

  • Armor class 18 (Natural)
  • Hit points 55
  • Speed 45 ft.
  • STR (-5)
  • DEX (-5)
  • CON (-5)
  • INT (-5)
  • WIS (-5)
  • CHA (-5)

Damage Resistances: Blunt, Slashing, Piercing

Languages: Common

Challenge: (0 xp)


Martial Arts.Unarmed strike or monk weapon, melee, 1d6+4 damage.

Bonus Actions

Flurry of Blows
After you take Attack action, spend 1 ki to make 2 unarmed strikes.

Martial Arts
Make an extra unarmed strike when you take Attack action.

Patient Defense
Spend 1 ki point to take the Dodge action.

Step of the Wind
Spend 1 ki point to take the Disengage or Dash action and jump distance is doubled for the turn.


Deflect Missiles
When hit by a ranged attack, reduce the damage by 1d10 +12. If you reduce it to 0, you can catch the missile (if you have a free hand and it's small enough to hold) and use it in a ranged attack with proficiency, as a monk weapon, for 1 ki point with range 20/60.

Slow Fall
Reduce falling damage by 40.