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Steel Defender

Steel Defender Medium Construct, - 0 xp

  • Armor class 15 (natural armor)
  • Hit points 2 + your Intell igence modifier + five times your artificer level (the defender has a number of Hit Dice [d8s] equal to your artificer level)
  • Speed 40 ft.
  • STR 14 (+2)
  • DEX 12 (+1)
  • CON 14 (+2)
  • INT 4 (-3)
  • WIS 10 (0)
  • CHA 6 (-2)

Save Throws: Dex +1 plus PB, Con +2 plus PB

Skills: Athletics +2 plus PB, Perception +0 plus PB x 2

Damage Resistances: none

Damage Immunities: poison

Condition Immunities: charmed, exhaustion, poisoned

Senses: darkvision 60 ft., passive perception 10 + (PB x 2)

Languages: understands the language you speak

Challenge: - (0 xp)

Your tinkering has borne you a companion, a steel
defender. It's friendly to you and your companions,
and it obeys your commands.

Vigilant. The defender can't be surprised.


Force-Empowered Rend. Melee Weapon Attack: your spell attack modifier to hit, reach 5 ft., one target you can see. Hit: 1d8 + PB force damage.

Repair (3/Day). The magical mechanisms inside the defender restore 2d8 + PB hit points to itself or to one construct or object within 5 feet of it.

Reaction - Deflect Attack. The defender imposes disadvantage on the attack roll of one creature it can see that is with in 5 feet of it, provided the attack roll is against a creature other than the defender.